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Allan Levene

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Running for Congress in four states


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They say that all roads lead to Rome. It’s true. No matter where you are elected to Congress, you go to Rome. In our nation, that’s Washington, DC. Although I prefer to be elected in the 11th district in Georgia, as it’s where we live, I’m willing to relocate anywhere in our country so I can get to work to fix our fiscally fragile nation. We are in trouble, so I must do what no one (to the best of our knowledge) has ever done before… run four simultaneous campaigns.

I wrote an article about how our Constitution lets candidates be elected if they are a resident of that state when elected in November. The primary is not the election. That means you can run in a primary without being a resident of the state and if you win, move to there after the primaries. As long a you become a resident of that state before the general election in November, and if you win you go to Washington representing that district. I plan to do that… somewhere.

State regulations only affect local state elections, not congressional. Those rules are set by our Constitution. I’ve actually read much of it, especially that part.


Why? Because at sixty-four, I don’t have the luxury of time to spend a decade running for election every two years until I get it right. Nor does our nation, which may lose control of the dollar being the reserve currency of the world. That will trash our economy and send us into another depression.

The Chinese are hard at work doing currency swaps with their trading partners so they can bypass the dollar. Its only a matter of time before they’ll make their play to take over as the dominant component of the new reserve currency.

Please read this article so you’ll understand what and how I plan to do this. No one, to the best of our knowledge has ever done this before so I’ll be the first to run for Congress in multiple states at the same time. We also believe that I’ll also be the first English-American elected since the Founding Fathers.

I am determined to stop our government driving the country over the edge of the fiscal cliff. I will work seven days a week if needed to stop that. I’ve seen what that did to the British Pound Sterling. Our place in the world will change forever, for the worse, so I’ll do my best to stop that happening.

I am running my campaign in Georgia’s 11th district, and will start  in Michigan’s 14th, Minnesota’s 6th and possibly Hawaii’s 1st.

I’ll explain why later, after legal review so that everything I do is completely legal. We have done a lot of research and have asked our readers to review this article and critique it. We haven’t received a single negative comment. It’s just that no one has thought of doing this before.

I will be the first.

Please support me financially and with your votes. I have a country to save from financial ruin. It’s now or never.


Allan Levene for Congress, Hawaii Committee
820 West Hind Drive, # 240-552, Honolulu, HI 96824

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  1. James Wesberry's Gravatar James Wesberry
    November 11, 2013    

    Good luck in your four races. I think you have a brilliant idea.

    Now rich folks all over the country will be doing it.

    Wish I had thought of it 50 years ago.

    Jim Wesberry, Former Georgia State Senator, 37th District, 1963 – 1967

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