Why elect me and not the others

I am your common sense candidate. No fluff, just common sense.

I am a first generation naturalized citizen from London, England. This nation has been so good to me that I am compelled to do everything that I can to repay my debt to it. If elected, I will.

As you know, few people have confidence in Washington being able to solve any problems whatsoever. They only know how to squabble and to spend money, far in excess of our government’s income As a long time self-employed businessman, I think in terms of working to provide solid solutions within budgets, not spending far more than my business income and doing nothing as our federal government does.

The public typically complains about Washington, but elects the same types of candidates over and over again, every few years. So who are they? Lawyers and state level politicians working their way up the career ladder. Where has that got us as a nation?

It's time for a change and elect people with common sense, something utterly lacking in Washington. I am privileged to be a naturalized United States citizen, and must do what I can to restore our country to greatness.

Representing my district in Washington will not be the culmination of stepping stones of government positions, a career path that has gotten this nation into its biggest financial mess ever; it's a common sense desire to fix the root problems in our government. What are they?

Spending far in excess of income and accelerating that process, a weak job creation approach, career politicians who won't leave office, are inflexible and make deals with special interests, and a terrible foreign policy that is changing our nation for the worse.

This is what I'll do in a nutshell, my key points -

End corporate taxes. That will flood this country with foreign business money, not the phony money printed by the Federal Reserve. Domestic corporations with over a trillion dollars sitting overseas will bring it back to create jobs. Foreign corporations will flood this country with money creating jobs, building facilities and factories. That means millions of new, well paid jobs for Americans, and a dramatic increase in GDP. We’ll beat China at its own game.

Void congressional pensions if they don't quit after no more than twelve years in office. It will be much easier to enact than a Term Limits Amendment. Our Washington Representatives and Senators understand and love money. I will use that love to help them retire. We need new blood in Washington, not old hacks that never leave office because they have “safe” seats. Those safe seats are so safe that challengers don’t even bother to run against them.

Make our federal election system fair. The public doesn’t know it, but it’s designed to keep the incumbents in and the challengers out. My method is to take the residual campaign money away from the federal politicians after each election cycle, and give it to charity. They will not be able to start asking for new donations until the next election year. Senators and Representatives have millions of dollars in their campaign accounts, far in excess of what a challenger can hope to raise. If everyone starts at zero, we’ll have a better system.

Modify the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act of 2006 to eliminate the Postal Service requirement to pre-fund their pensions for up to 75 years! This was designed to bankrupt the post office in favor of private industry. I must reverse that pre-funding clause to save the postal service from either bankruptcy or forcing it to dramatically raise the cost of postage.

I think in terms of trends, as I was a stockbroker in my twenties, with a specialty in municipal finance. I know how government operates; that they squander money. It must end, as our nation's trendline has been down since the turn of this century. I must work to reverse that course so it starts to go up again. Public prosperity must return as a solid uptrend, and not just in pockets of good fortune.

I believe that unless our financial condition is corrected we will have a financial meltdown between 2018-2020. That meltdown will severely damage us, far more so than the financial trauma of 2007-08. I must work to stop that from happening.

So please support my campaign, both in donations and forwarding my website link to your friends and colleagues as well as on Twitter, Facebook and others.

New Israel


Editor’s note: If you don’t read the entire article, please go to the end and read the final comments.

As a boy, my father told me a number of things important to him. One was that he bought as many State of Israel bonds he could afford, to help Israel in its time of need. If elected next year, perhaps I can help in a different way.

For decades, I have watched and read about our repetitive, traditional efforts to help Israel, all based on giving money and weapons. Those efforts have failed to provide peace. We must do something different. If we don’t one day Israel’s enemies will win, as it only takes a single win to severely damage Israel. The finger pointing, as to who’s to blame in Washington, will begin.

Israel still needs help. This country formed in 1948, is a tiny 8,019 square miles (metro Atlanta is larger) but has been ground zero for one of the most significant, persistent and ongoing conflicts of the modern world.

The United States has spent over $118 billion to help Israel survive and prosper. When adjusted for inflation, that’s nearly one-half trillion dollars! Each American family has “donated” over three thousand dollars of their inflation-adjusted tax dollars to help Israel with no end in sight. In the next four years, our government has agreed to give them twelve billion dollars in military aid alone.

After the 1967 Six-Day War Israel increased its size by 503 square miles, plus seized 19,277 square miles of the disputed West Bank and other territories.


As you know, the source of much of the global terrorism is the intractable resistance of the Palestinians, the PLO, Hamas, Fatah, Hezbollah, other nation states and their sympathizers. The only solution was to back Israel at every opportunity, and continue to spend countless billions while suffering from perpetual domestic and international terrorism risks directed at American citizens.

Therefore here’s a solution, that I call New Israel. New Israel can be the new promised land, where peace and prosperity can dominate, not risk, war and fear that exists in the State of Israel today and in the future. And no, I’m not Moses II.

I suggest that we creat a New Israel in the United States, a second non-contiguous part of Israel that can coexist with the country created in 1948. In the same way that Israel was created, we could unilaterally do it again, but this time in Texas where the climate is similar and so the Israelis have access to the Gulf of Mexico for international trade.

Texas is such a big state that you could drop Israel into it over thirty times, with room to spare. I believe that we could carve out ~8,500 square miles where I’ve circled on this map without impacting Texas, except in a positive way.

It will create an instant job boom in Texas. There would be so many construction projects that Texas will become the leader in new job creation. Instead of high unemployment, Texas will have full employment. If you want a job, you’ll have plenty of offers. Many of the problems associated with low paying, or no jobs will vanish. It will be boom times for Texas.

texasBefore you dismiss this idea, although no one is doing anything else but treading water, think of this. It’s common that countries are discontiguous, or that countries have geographically separate areas but are one nation.

Even in our instance, neither Alaska and Hawaii are a part of the lower forty-eight, but are still part of the sovereign United States. The same logic can apply for New Israel. This is not new to the State of Israel; Mount Scopus was considered to be part of Israel, an Israeli exclave located in Jordan until the Six-Day War.

This is the sparsely populated area that New Israel could be located

This is the sparsely populated area that New Israel could be located

1    If Texans own property within the borders of New Israel, our government would offer far more than the value of the property, or pay for it under eminent domain laws and relocate our citizens. Fortunately, not many Americans live in that very small part of Texas. It doesn’t even have public highways.

If these few people want to stay on their properties, and the Israeli government allows it (they will), they can become “in-place” immigrants while keeping U.S. citizenship and travel freely back and forth. In any instance, they will become rich and could live anywhere they want. If you lived there and our government offered to make you rich by selling your property, and you could still live on your property, what would you do?

Generosity is key to reducing or eliminating problems.

2   We would use the billions of dollars normally sent to the State of Israel and give it to the New Israel instead. This will help develop their new territory using American and Israeli construction companies. As Texas would surround New Israel on three sides, Texas will have a large economic benefit from proximity trade that will offset its loss of territory.

Some of those billions can be used to relocate willing Israeli citizens to their New Israel, the new promised land.

As an aside, in the 1960′s the Australian government paid white U.K. citizens to relocate to Australia. Australia used to be the British penal colony. Amazingly, in that era the Australian government classified the indigenous Australians, the Aborigines, as fauna, or plants, their children were taken away and their working conditions, squalid! Fortunately, much has changed.

It’s now a prosperous, beautiful and peaceful country that people are eager to emigrate to. I think that Israelis would flock to New Israel so they can prosper in peace, rather than live in never-ending fear.

Israel has another significant problem at this time: the Israeli Arabs are increasing their population much faster than the Israeli Jews. The risk is that in a few years, the Israeli Arabs will outvote the Israeli Jews, and Israel as a Jewish state may end. New Israel will continue to be a Jewish state forever.

3   This New Israel will only be created after Israel returns the West Bank and relocates its settlers back to either pre-1967 Israel, or New Israel. With that peace accord, tensions will be lowered as will oil prices and the price of gasoline. This could start another global economic boom, as confidence and positive sentiment are the keys to prosperity.

This may be an out-of-the-box idea, but it’s an idea worth serious exploration. We cannot continue to pump money and resources into Israel without some serious policy changes. Eventually, we have to stop knocking our heads against the wall and find a real, and not a pretend solution.

This is it.

Finally, before you discount this article, watch this 60 Minutes report on Tel Aviv. You’ll understand why the Israeli’s live for today, because tomorrow is uncertain. This story brings to mind the Isaiah 22:13 quotation – “… let us eat and drink; for tomorrow we shall die.”


Editor’s note, August 29, 2013

I think that many Israelis will embrace New Israel. They are tired of this way of life, and death -

Let me know what you think. I’ll publish comments – comments@allanleveneforcongress.com

Elect a solutions minded candidate, not a career politician.

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