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Economic failure in 2018

Life is a series of challenges. They never end… until you do. Just when you think that you are the master of the universe, the universe throws you another challenge to show you that you aren’t. They young think that they are, until life happens. They all figure it out, eventually unless they die young.

Even our greatest president, George Washington, who had to figure it all out without relying on prior presidents’ to pave the way, had a never-ending series of challenges until December 14, 1799.

We, our nation, will have our greatest challenge between 2018-2019. It will be the sudden economic collapse of our financial system. It will be similar to the almost collapse of about five years ago. We dodged that bullet by the Federal Reserve pumping trillions of dollars into the system to keep the world economies afloat.

We won’t be that lucky the next time. Why? Because our government are even worse debt junkies now, and our debts keep skyrocketing. They will, until the rest of the world loses faith that we’ll ever pay them back and abandon the U.S. dollar. That will be our undoing.

Even today, the Chinese are doing currency swaps with their trading partners and avoiding the dollar to settle their international debts.


It’s happened before to other nations and it will continue to happen. Why? Because governments have thought of themselves as omnipotent and spend far in excess of their incomes. It works for a while, but like heroin users, they need a bigger and bigger fix… of debt. Eventually they overdose.

Our government is the biggest heroin user of all.

Unless we do something quickly, we’ll overdose between 2018-2019 and our then president will be blamed for it all. The public wanting to blame someone, or some political party, will just be the usual noise. The Democrats will blame the Republicans, and vice versa. It will all be posturing to gain a political advantage for the following election cycle.

What won’t be, is that tens of millions of Americans will deeply suffer because of the recklessness of our government.

I hope this doesn’t happen but it will. As I told a CNN political reporter, as I am a naturalized American citizen I have a huge debt to repay this country for letting me live here, and I honor my debts. I have an estimated ten years left to repay that debt.

If I had unlimited money, then I can almost guarantee a win by running in more than four states, something nobody thought legal. It is legal, and I’m doing it. However, four states is the maximum that we can work in, and it’s a seven day a week effort as it is.

When I play the lottery for the gigantic prizes, I don’t play it to secure a wealthy retirement. My dream is about using the money to guarantee a win, and representing the public to solve our nation’s very serious financial and other problems.

It’s a strange dream of spending the rest of my life, after winning hundreds of millions of dollars, working hard to fix our very serious problems rather than buying fancy homes, traveling and living a life of luxury.

My wife and I don’t’ have any children, so the United States financial collapse won’t have a dramatic personal impact. If you are under thirty-five it will for you because your life is just beginning. If I lose these races at either the primaries, or the general election we are working on a personal strategy to liquidate all of our real estate and other assets, buying Swiss Francs and waiting.

Switzerland is a safe harbor in the middle of Europe. They (and Lichstenstein) didn’t fall for the Eurozone conversion protocol where individual countries exchanged their currency for the Euro in 1999, so still use francs. They are a bastion of safety, which is why all of the smart money goes into storage there for over a hundred years.

We’ll buy back in to the market at the bottom, after the dollar has collapsed and when the  disastrous increase in inflation starts to stabilize, and do very well. You may want to think about doing something similar. Thinking strategies years into the future is the key to success.

My job, if supported by the public and elected, will be to stop a collapse happening. I know how to stop it, but need a voice that will be heard. The only voices heard originate in Washington.

If you support the other generic candidates, it certainly won’t help. Why? Because Albert Einstein once said that a definition of madness, or insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. That’s something like adding 2 + 2 and hoping to get 4,385.29 as the result. Unless you’re living in a different universe, that will never happen.

But the American public, even with the historically low congressional approval rating bumping along at slightly over 12%, keeps voting for the incumbents and vote in generic career lawyer/politicians on a career path from state to federal government who, mostly, don’t appear to even read the bills that they vote on.

So, if you want change, elect a man who wants to stop our nation’s economic collapse and bring plentiful jobs and prosperity back to our country.

Please support my campaign and spread the word.


Allan Levene for Congress, Hawaii Committee
820 West Hind Drive, # 240-552, Honolulu, HI 96824

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