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Dead in ten years

I expect to be dead in about ten years.

As you get older, you eventually come to terms with your mortality. You have hopefully lived a full life (as I have) and look to the future, not as unlimited but with your choices narrowing. Based on my family longevity, I think that I have about ten years left, and one day I won’t wake up. As you get older, time seems to speed up. Your life starts off slowly and appears to pick up speed. Your last ten years will go past in a flash.

I’m not religious, as had my beliefs shattered when I was nineteen, but I am pragmatic and I find solutions to problems. I believe that I can, with the appropriate caucus or like-minded congresspeople, fix our nation’s problems. Or I’ll die trying.

So a few years ago, I made a choice in consultation with my wife. The choices were to retire and do all of the normal things that retired people do – travel, enjoy life, read, explore hobbies, complain about the government and so on, or take another path.

This path has nothing to do with starting a dynasty, as we don’t have any children. It’s not about power and prestige, I frankly don’t care. It’s about love of country.

We chose to take this far more difficult path of public service, and so I am running for congressional office. Why? When I was a young adult, I lived in San Diego, California. Living in San Diego was amazing. I did very well particularly as a municipal bond broker, and lived life to the fullest. I had many friends, some of whom were in the navy, both enlisted and officers.

Now here’s the rub – although I raved about how I was unbelievably impressed with the U.S. Navy and that I loved to watch the ships and submarines come and go from Point Loma, it never occurred to me to join. Nor, did any of my sailor friends ever suggest it.

So I missed my opportunity to serve my adopted country in the military. I had a draft card, but my number was high so I wasn’t drafted. And that brings me back to the present. It’s obviously too late to join the service, but I can serve in another way and hopefully do a spectacular job… with your help.

As you know, our nation is in trouble, and Washington is failing at doing anything constructive. It’s like them squabbling over the deck chair arrangement on the Titanic.

If elected, after winning the primary and general elections, I have the opportunity to steer our nation away from Washington’s path of self-destruction. If elected, I’ll work very hard to make the changes necessary so this will still be the American century. With your help, I will.

I have written hundreds of articles about the state of the world. Candidates don’t do that, as they tell the public what they want to hear to get money and votes. They hide their true beliefs to get the most votes and the most, money. Elections are expensive.

I don’t lie; I believe in the truth. If elected, you’ll hear the truth from me whether you like it or not. Politicians try to fool the public by lying to them. They aren’t fooled, but just expect them to lie and deceive. The public accepts it. That needs to change. Truth trumps lies.

Please contribute to my campaign, or at least send this website link to everyone you know. Help me save our nation. It needs saving.

Allan Levene for Congress, Hawaii Committee
820 West Hind Drive, # 240-552, Honolulu, HI 96824

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