Why elect me and not the others

I am your common sense candidate. No fluff, just common sense.

I am a first generation naturalized citizen from London, England. This nation has been so good to me that I am compelled to do everything that I can to repay my debt to it. If elected, I will.

As you know, few people have confidence in Washington being able to solve any problems whatsoever. They only know how to squabble and to spend money, far in excess of our government’s income As a long time self-employed businessman, I think in terms of working to provide solid solutions within budgets, not spending far more than my business income and doing nothing as our federal government does.

The public typically complains about Washington, but elects the same types of candidates over and over again, every few years. So who are they? Lawyers and state level politicians working their way up the career ladder. Where has that got us as a nation?

It's time for a change and elect people with common sense, something utterly lacking in Washington. I am privileged to be a naturalized United States citizen, and must do what I can to restore our country to greatness.

Representing my district in Washington will not be the culmination of stepping stones of government positions, a career path that has gotten this nation into its biggest financial mess ever; it's a common sense desire to fix the root problems in our government. What are they?

Spending far in excess of income and accelerating that process, a weak job creation approach, career politicians who won't leave office, are inflexible and make deals with special interests, and a terrible foreign policy that is changing our nation for the worse.

This is what I'll do in a nutshell, my key points -

End corporate taxes. That will flood this country with foreign business money, not the phony money printed by the Federal Reserve. Domestic corporations with over a trillion dollars sitting overseas will bring it back to create jobs. Foreign corporations will flood this country with money creating jobs, building facilities and factories. That means millions of new, well paid jobs for Americans, and a dramatic increase in GDP. We’ll beat China at its own game.

Void congressional pensions if they don't quit after no more than twelve years in office. It will be much easier to enact than a Term Limits Amendment. Our Washington Representatives and Senators understand and love money. I will use that love to help them retire. We need new blood in Washington, not old hacks that never leave office because they have “safe” seats. Those safe seats are so safe that challengers don’t even bother to run against them.

Make our federal election system fair. The public doesn’t know it, but it’s designed to keep the incumbents in and the challengers out. My method is to take the residual campaign money away from the federal politicians after each election cycle, and give it to charity. They will not be able to start asking for new donations until the next election year. Senators and Representatives have millions of dollars in their campaign accounts, far in excess of what a challenger can hope to raise. If everyone starts at zero, we’ll have a better system.

Modify the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act of 2006 to eliminate the Postal Service requirement to pre-fund their pensions for up to 75 years! This was designed to bankrupt the post office in favor of private industry. I must reverse that pre-funding clause to save the postal service from either bankruptcy or forcing it to dramatically raise the cost of postage.

I think in terms of trends, as I was a stockbroker in my twenties, with a specialty in municipal finance. I know how government operates; that they squander money. It must end, as our nation's trendline has been down since the turn of this century. I must work to reverse that course so it starts to go up again. Public prosperity must return as a solid uptrend, and not just in pockets of good fortune.

I believe that unless our financial condition is corrected we will have a financial meltdown between 2018-2020. That meltdown will severely damage us, far more so than the financial trauma of 2007-08. I must work to stop that from happening.

So please support my campaign, both in donations and forwarding my website link to your friends and colleagues as well as on Twitter, Facebook and others.


The reason for lack of jobs is lack of confidence in our economy. The reason why low paying jobs are most of the ones offered is that there is a surplus of candidates. It’s simple supply and demand. I watched a HBO documentary, Redemption, recently about people who collect five-cent aluminum cans in New York City so they could survive. [...]

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Nominating petitions are not used in Georgia, but they are required in a number of states, such as Michigan. Why? Because in addition to a filing fee, the candidates must secure “nominations” from the voting public in the district that they are running in. Those signers are hand checked by the Secretary of State to confirm validit [...]

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If you’ve never heard of it, the Cook Partisan Voting Index is a valuable tool to examine how our election system has been modified by the census driven, state created voting districts. In a word, known as gerrymandering. Gerrymandering is the process that states use to change voting districts so that either the Republicans or Democrati [...]

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In Georgia, the election system is straightforward. If several people in the same party run for the same seat, in my instance Georgia’s 11th congressional district, they all pay to be listed on the primary ballot for the same race. If one person doesn’t receive a plurality of the votes in the primary, which means over 50% of the v [...]


If you want to know what and why things are happening in the Middle East, a region that was relatively stable until this century look to the flow of energy, oil and natural gas. If you overlay maps of the pipelines and oil producing areas, you’ll see a pattern that will make you in the top 1% of the smartest people in America. The Levia [...]

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Albert Einstein once said that a definition of madness, or insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. That’s something like adding 2 + 2 and hoping to get 4,385.29 as the result. Unless you’re living in a different universe, that will never happen. But the American public, even with the historically [...]

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